March 29 “Showing Up: Learning the Secret to Intimacy In All Relationships And What Can Prevent You From Achieving It”

Where? J & S Cafeteria, Asheville, NC.  River Ridge Shopping Center. 800 Fairview Road
Asheville, NC  28803

When? March 29, 7 am.

Cost? Free

About Our Speaker:

Eli is a nationally and internationally known speaker, trainer and coauthor on sexual addiction. Since 1974, Eli Machen has been in pursuit of a vision to bridge the gap between the Christian community and the world of psychology.

Eli has been a pioneer in the field of sexual addiction treatment since 1989, from developing inpatient programs to his groundbreaking work creating the first Christian intensive outpatient program treating sexual addiction in the country in 1992. Eli has led over 300 intensive workshops around the country, working with over 7500 participants in the last twenty years.

Eli is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with an M.A. in Counseling and is a graduate of the University of Connecticut, with an M.S.W. in Clinical Social Work. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in North Carolina.

He has been a clinical program consultant to mental health organizations, agencies, and hospitals for over twenty-six years. He was Regional Vice President of Operations for a national Christian mental health organization. In 1989 he created and built his own Christian mental health company serving Central Florida through eight out-patient clinics, two hospital programs and a community mental health center.